General Rules Edit

  • Do not Vandalise anything on the Wiki - articles, profiles, or otherwise.
  • Do not Edit other members' profiles.
  • Do not Harass other members.
  • Do not spam. Spam includes posting random, off-topic, unnecessary things to articles in the comments. These won't be removed.
  • Do not advertise. Off-handed mentions are fine, but explicitly begging people to do something is a bannable offence. It's fine to post things on your profile, but going into talk pages and acting as such will get you in trouble.

Always grab the Duct tape!

Editing Rules and Guidelines Edit

  • Read an article before you edit it. The information you are about can be randomly.
  • Be sure that an article remains objective when editing. For example, use "the player" rather than "you."
  • Do your best to have proper grammar and spelling when editing articles.
  • Don't add duplicate files to the articles.
  • Don't Upload duplicate files. Check through all the photos to make sure it's there first.
  • Don't Mention any staff member, YouTuber, etc. by name in the articles.
  • Use US spelling when editing articles.

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