This is the notorious San Pancho, the roughest toughest and downright nastiest prison south of the border. The blistering heat and claustrophobic conditions here turns inmates angry and violent. Even the guards daren't enter.

notes: inmates will have an incredibly low opinion and will attack you almost always. their opinion usually starts at about 30

San Pancho


8:00-9:00 — Morning rollcall.

9:00-10:00 — Breakfast.

10:00-13:00 — Leisure/Work period.

13:00-14:00 — Exercise Period.

14:00-17:00 — Free period.

17:00-18:00 — Dinner.

18:00-21:00 — Leisure/Work period.

21:00-22:00 — Shower. 22:00-23:00 — Evening Rollcall.

23:00-8:00 — Lights out.

Available JobsEdit

    • Gardener (Default)
    • Tailor
    • Librarian
    • Kitchen
    • Unloading

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