One of the many inmates

Inmates are the other prison members in the facility. Different amounts of them are in each prison facility. Things can be bought, sold, given, and they can ask for a Favor. Inmates can be talked to, resulting in an Inmate's improved Opinion. They can also be picked up and looted when downed, however this is not accepted by Guards. If an inmate has an OPN of 80+, the player may recruit that inmate to fight alongside the player and later dismiss them if needed. If you recruit inmates, it should be noted that every time you attack a guard their opinion of you will decrease.

If an inmate has a low opinion of you however,(When their name is dark orange or red) They will be more likely to attack you on sight.

NOTE: If an inmate has a higher OPN, he will sell items at a lower price (if he sells something). Also, if an inmate has a higher OPN, they will not snitch on you if you are caught trying to escape in their presence.