Escape Strategies Edit

Each Prison in The Escapists has it's own strengths and weaknesses. Here is an list of tips on how to escape each prison in The Escapists

Center Perks Edit

This Prison is the easiest prison known in The Escapists and can be really easy to escape. There are a lot of escape options in this prison.

  • Tunneling – Cut your vent and get quick access to the Metalshop, try to get everybody's OPN stat to 80 or above so if other inmates see you tunneling, they won't snitch on you. They will also sell things for a cheaper price, and they help making tools.
  • Prisoner Takeover – Get a lot of exercise and get good weapons(Whip, Nunchucks) and armor(Plated Inmate Outfit), hire people, then fight guards during meal time, freetime(not outside buildings, or exercise time. The warden will then surrender and you are free to go. WARNING: Tower Guards WON'T stop shooting at you, so carry a guard with rope tied on them.
  • Fence Cutting – Get Sturdy Cutters and a Guard Outfit. Put both of those items in your inventory. After breakfa, go to the exit, put your guard outfit on, begin cutting the fence. Tower Guards won't shoot you if you have Guard Outfit on, Tower Guards will refrain from shooting. After you've done that, You're free!

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