There are several characters in the game, many of which the player can interact with. Characters in the game randomly spawn, their actions are often influenced by the players actions; noted by their opinion.

If you are caught fighting with another in-mate then the guards will incapacitate both of you, if you stop combat and let the other prisoner hit you in front of a guard then the guard will only attack them.

List of Characters Edit

  • Player (Inmate with in the prison and can be controlled by the player)
  • In-mates (Other prisoners in the prison, can be interacted with but not playable)
  • Guards (Maintain order in the prison, can be interacted with but also not playable)
  • Warden (In charge of the prison, roams around, occasionally saying things. Not intractable or playable)
  • Employment Officer (Stand at the job sign and occasionally talks, not intractable or playable)
  • Infirmary Staff (Doctor, stationed in the infirmary and occasionally talks, not playable or intractable)
  • The Ringmaster (Randomly appears at the prison and occasionally talks, not playable of intractable)

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